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Food Hype – Delicious Sushi Donuts

Lately, we’ve been inundated with food hybrids. It’s like someone has taken a bunch of trends (food or not), thrown them into a hat, shut their eyes and pulled out two words to meld together into what we are calling a hat trick.

When the internet showed us sobeautifullyraw’s sushi donuts (sushi + donut = hat-trick win!), our jaw dropped and we literally had to crank it back into place (first tossing a bite of sushi inside, of course).


As we hop on the bandwagon and start making our own hat-trick recipes, we had to create our version of the sushi donut, complete with dyed ginger and some colorful B+C touches. Read on for the how-to.



for the rice:

(makes enough for 4 donuts)

— 2 cups sushi rice

— 3 cups water

— 2 tablespoons rice vinegar

— 2 tablespoons cane sugar

— 1 teaspoon salt

for construction:

— sushi grade fish

— avocado

— mango

— cucumber

— lemon

— ginger

— wasabi

— sesame seeds

— roe

— food coloring (optional for dyeing ginger)


— sushi-rolling mat

— plastic wrap

ingredients-roxy-mkOk lets go!

step1and2Start by making sushi rice. Rinse your rice thoroughly, then add it to a pot with three cups of water. Bring to a boil, then cover (tightly) and turn down the heat until simmering. Cook until the water is gone, about 20 minutes.

step31-blogWhile the rice is cooking, prepare the vinegar mixture. Add rice vinegar, sugar and salt to a saucepan on medium heat. Mix until the sugar and salt have dissolved, then remove from heat.

step5Prep your toppings by cutting them into very thin slices. The thinner the better.

step4When the rice is done cooking, place it into a glass bowl (not metal!) and pour the vinegar mixture on top. Gently fold it into the rice.