Life Is Too Short For The Ordinary. Live Extra Ordinary.


I’ve had a lot of highs and a great deal of lows in my life, and although at times it was difficult to keep an upbeat attitude and a love for life. I never forget that Life isn’t entirely an ugly place that there is still beauty to be found in the intangible things in life, I wanted it to be obvious, not only in the work that I do, but in my business name!Vita – meaning (life) and Bello – meaning (beautiful). I didn’t just want to design for the profits, I wanted to design in order to make people look and feel good, and Looking and feeling good is good business.

Hi there! I’m so happy you have found your way here! VitaBello is all about creating uniquely custom crafted treasures one beautiful product at a time.

I created Vitabello over 4 years ago and have since created hundreds of designs and have been blessed to have them worn by customers from all over the world to express themselves.

What started as a hobby of mine has become my passion and profession. I’ve been designing and creating handmade clothes, jewelry, and other various accessories from the moment I could hold a needle and thread (without constantly pricking myself).

My heart and passion here at Vitabello is to communicate a message through beautiful minimal, clear designs that don’t distract from the message but rather resonates with the individual.